We love the YPO network
Here are four ways you can refer a startup →



A/ Complete the Referral Form

Fill out the Affiliate Referral form for the startup you wish to refer. F6S Account will be required. Please use your business email.

B/ Encourage the Founder to Apply

Guide the founder to choose an accelerator and apply at techstars.com/accelerators. Remind them to mention Your Name + YPO in the referrals section.

C/ Invite to Virtual Meet and Greet

Share the link of the upcoming Techstars Virtual Meet and Greet, which is run every month. During this 60-minute session, the first half is a detailed overview about Techstars - with the second half open for questions.

D/ Loop Us in via Email

Reply to the founder and CC startups [at] techstars dot com. and mention that the Techstars Global Startup Pipeline team will be able to help them figure out if there is a program that suits.

Explaining Techstars:

Techstars, a partner of YPO since 2016, has been running mentorship-driven accelerators over the past 10-years, having helped over 2000 companies grow and raise over $9 billion in funding, with a company portfolio market cap of over $23 billion.

Each year, Techstars choose 10 companies per program, (now at ~50 programs), to join the three month program, investing up to $120K and providing hands-on mentorship, and access to the Techstars Network for life. 

• • • • 

What We Look For In A Startup

– A founder who you can personally vouch for

– A well rounded team with business and technical skills

– Demonstration of early traction (revenue, users or even waiting list)

– Progress on a prototype or product

– Ideally less than two years old and raised less than $2M