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How does it work?


1/ Refer A Startup

Fill out the Affiliate Referral form to submit the information of the startup that you are referring.


2/ Let The Founders Know

Inform the founder(s) that you have referred them, and that they should expect to hear from Techstars within seven days. This way, they can prepare in advance of us reaching out.


3/ Sit Back & Relax

Leave the rest to us, while we dig into your recommended startup and then connect them to the respective Accelerator Team.

Refer A Startup →

Please Note: If this is your first time submitting a startup using the new process, you will be prompted to create a F6S account.

What We Look For In A Startup

– A well rounded team with business and technical skills

– Is solving real problems or creating meaningful innovations

– Demonstrated early traction or validation of a core assumption

– Has progress on a prototype or product

– Is ideally less than two years old and raised less than $2M