What is the Techstars Affiliate Program?

The Techstars Affiliate Program creates a path for founders in your network who are ready to take the next step on their entrepreneurial journey. We trust your judgment, so we fast-track applications from founders you recommend, making sure they get connected to the right people, right away. This mutually beneficial program lets both Techstars and your organization reach and support more entrepreneurs.



Benefits of the Affiliate Program?

Who can be an Affiliate of Techstars?

  • Pre-accelerators and incubators
  • VC firms and funds
  • Angel groups
  • Diversity &  Inclusion organizations
  • Colleges and their entrepreneurship initiatives
  • Government and public sector organizations
  • Annual conferences and pitch competitions

Affiliate Referral Case Study


Groovy Antoid is an indie game dev studio focused on creating fun games with cute, colorful, and quirky characters.

Groovy Antoid graduated Speed in 2017, and the Rakuten Accelerator powered by Techstars in 2018.

Speed is a Beirut-based startup accelerator that invests cash in top-tier early stages companies in the MENA region.

"Techstars increases the chances that a startup overcomes the odds that are stacked against it. Techstars’ emphasis on human connections and network instantly allows any startup that goes through one of its programs to have a global reach.

Techstars is a welcome next step for Groovy Antoid, and Speed startups, to help them cross the next phase in their journey, especially when they’re looking to access new markets."
– Sami Abou Saab, CEO of Speed




Some of our existing esteemed affiliates
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